The word is yours. All input appreciated.

We're aware of the fact that some pages do not render properly. Help us to find the ones not shown right, just post a     
comment, thank you!                                                                                                       

With immediate Internet we try to bring the web pages to mobile phones in a meaningful manner. This is: fast appearance as
well as the look and feel of the original content as seen in desktop computers. By converting any (media rich, preferably)
web page to an image and still keeping the hyperlinks in place (and all other HTML functionalities in the future) - we are
reaching the target. However, as a spare time hobby things aren't progressing at the speed that would satisfy everyone.   
Moreover, we are not targeting this to be something like a proxy service - the intent is that the web page authors may    
convert their pages into the immediateNet format. Above all, we appreciate all input from you!